Name Parent Choreographer Composer Costume
Waltzes Ted Shawn Richard Strauss
Waltzes Ruth St. Denis Franz Schubert
Waltz, Opus 33, No 15 Ruth St. Denis Johannes Brahms
War: Call to Arms O, Libertad! Barton Mumaw, Dennis Landers, Foster Fitz-Simons, Ted Shawn, Wilbur McCormack Jess Meeker
War Cry Expansion Lester Horton
War Dance
Warsaw Ghetto Bella Lewitzky, Lester Horton Sol Kaplan Keith Finch Keith Finch
Water Patterns Dance of the Ages Company, Frank Overlees, Fred Hearn, Ted Shawn, Wilbur McCormack Jess Meeker
Water Patterns, Vortex and Storm at Sea Ted Shawn Jess Meeker
Wedding Dance
Wedding Dance Totem Incantation Lester Horton Judith Hamilton William Bowne
West African Dances Asadata Dafora
When I Go Alone at Night Ruth St. Denis Devi-Tagore
Whims Doris Humphrey Robert Schumann
Whirling Symbol
Whirling Symbol Brahm van der Berg
White Jade Ruth St. Denis Clifford Vaughan
Why Ruth St. Denis Robert Schumann
Will-o-Wisp Nature Rhythms Ted Shawn
"Within the little children's eyes seems something that replies Come then, ye other children, Nature's" The Hound of Heaven Ted Shawn Jess Meeker
With Timbrel and Dance Praise his Name James Truitte
Wives Lester Horton Alexander Scriabine Lester Horton
Women Waiting The Mine Lester Horton Sidney Cutner Elizabeth Talbot-Martin, Jaron de St. Germain Richard Earle