Name Parent Choreographer Composer Costume
Argentine Tango
Argentine Tango The Latest Ballroom Dances Ted Shawn
Around the Hall Cowboy Suite, Two American Sketches Ted Shawn Eastwood Lane
Around the Hall Five American Sketches Ted Shawn Eastwood Lane, John Philip Sousa
Arranging the Flowers Ruth St. Denis
Arranging the Flowers O-Mika Ruth St. Denis Robert Hood Bowers
Art Patrons Lester Horton Sidney Cutner Elizabeth Talbot-Martin, Jaron de St. Germain Richard Earle
Ascent by Evaporation Ted Shawn Jess Meeker
Ascent by Evaporation Dance of the Ages Company, Frank Overlees, Fred Hearn, Ted Shawn, Wilbur McCormack Jess Meeker
A Scottish Tone Poem Ted Shawn Edward MacDowell
A Shirabyoshi Ruth St. Denis
A Slavic Sword Dance
A Slavic Sword Dance National Suite Ted Shawn
A Spanish Shawl
A Springtime Idyll Ted Shawn Camille Saint-Saens
A Tagore Poem Ruth St. Denis Douglas Moore, Koopmore
At Evening Ruth St. Denis Robert Schumann
A Touch of Klee Lester Horton Stan Kenton Lewis Brown Lewis Brown
Attainment (The Right to Occupy Land) Tierra y Libertad Bella Lewitzky, Lester Horton Lou Harrison Dorothy Gillanders
At the Spring Doris Humphrey Franz Liszt
Aurora’s Wedding Bronislava Nijinska, Marius Petipa Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Au temps jadis
Auto de Fe Inquisition Bella Lewitzky, Lester Horton Lou Harrison Dorothy Gillanders
Ave Zoltan Kodaly
A Woodland Sketch Edward MacDowell